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Subsea Actuators

* The most compact actuator available, fits to face to face dimension of Valve.
* Spring return & double acting.
* Quarter turn & linear.
* Output torques upto 1,000,000Nm / 8,850,750 in-lbs.
* Output thrust upto 1100 KN / 250 KIbf.
Standard hydraulic supply pressures upto 345 Barg / 5000 psig.
* SIL 3 certified and Type A (field proven) to IEC 61508.
* HIPPS and ESD design and reliability.
* Substantial space savings can be achieved in the overall dimensions of the SSIV or PLEM skid. Considerable displacement savings up to 50%.
* High integrity environmental sealing.
* Lifetime Lubrication.
* Maintenance free.


Topside Auctuators

We offer complete range of topside actuators for oil and gas, petrochemicals, refineries, power plants, thermal plants and various other industrial applications.

Wide range of Actuators -
* Hydraulic
* Pnuematic
* Electric
* Gas over Oil
* Electro Hydraulic


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