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Wet Gas Meter

A wet gas is any gas with a small amount of liquid present. The term "wet gas" has been used to describe a range of conditions ranging from a humid gas which is gas saturated with liquid vapour to a multiphase flow with a 90% volume of gas. There has been some debate as to its actual definition but there is currently no fully defined quantitative definition of a wet gas flow that is universally accepted.

Mode of Operation

When using a differential pressure (DP) device to measure wet gas flow rates, the presence of liquids will cause the gas rate to over-read. In addition, the pressure loss across the DP device is a highly complex function of the properties of the fluid stream. The Pressure Loss Ratio (PLR) is the ratio of these DP’s. The water rate is measured using a proprietary PLR correlation. Together with the condensate to gas ratio generated via a PVT calculation the gas rate can be corrected to output a real time 3-phase measurement.

Operating Range

Gas mass friction : 80-100% (High GVF)
Water Liquid Ratio : 0-100%
Turndown : > 8:1 Typical


Typical Uncertainty (95% confidence level) :
Gas mass flow rate : +/- 2%
Condense mass flow rate : +/- 10%
Water Volume flow rate : +/- 1am3/h

Mechanical Specification

Meter size: 2”NB to 14”NB (larger sizes on request)
End Connection: As per Operator requirements
Design Pressure: API 10,000psi (689bar) (extended pressure rating on request)
Process Temperature Range: -20°C to 120°C (-29°F to 248°F) (extended temperature ranges on request)
Flow meter body material: Duplex UNS S31803 (alternative materials on request)
Overall Length: 5D (typical)
Weight: Dependent on NB/Pressure rating

Key Benefits

* Real Time 3-Phase Data
* High GVF Operation
* High Accuracy
* Uncomplicated & Robust
* Compact Design
* Low Power


* Royalty Allocation
* Mydrate Mitigation
* Flow Line Monitoring


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