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Idec Packaging Integrated and Maintained CNG Systems

We are marketing equipments manufactured by our principals from U.K. We can supply the entire range of products in the compressed natural gas specialistic market for the automotive industry, such as:

  • Reciprocating Compressors in vertical-cylinder configuration suitable for the entire range of inlet pressure available anywhere in the world, from as low as 0.00 bar g to 100.00 bar g
  • All components for CNG Refuelling Stations, such as Compressors, Storage Cascade Units, fast /slow- fill mass flow Dispensers
  • Mother Stations, Mobile daughter stations with booster compressors and Online stations
  • Conversion Sets which include onboard vehicle high-pressure cylinders, pressure reducers (vacuum or electronic type) and ancillary fittings

Reliability, proven design and cost effectiveness of our products make us proud of being chosen as suppliers to many private investors as well as large corporations in the CNG field.

We are proud to claim that our principal is the only manufacturer in the world to have not only its own in-house design but also the in-house manufacturing facilities of all the CNG Refuelling Station components.

Unlike our Competitors who are either packagers, with the risk of flaws inherited from the original manufacturer, or are producers of some, but not all, CNG Refuelling Station components thus being dependent from third parties supply and quality.

Our principals being the original direct manufacturer of all CNG key components, We are able to pass on to our Customers the following benefits :
  • Delivery time of CNG machinery and equipment, traditionally established in terms of several months, is reduced to few weeks because of our principal’s increased overall production capacity which we now believe to be one of the highest in the world.
  • Highest quality standard of each one of the CNG Refuelling Station components.
  • Increased competitiveness.
  • extremely efficient technical assistance and spare parts supply.

Customers choose us because the success of a CNG station (good and reliable performance, low life-cycle costs, and a satisfied customer) largely depends on picking a company with sound business and engineering credentials to plan and oversee its design, packaging, installation, and long-term servicing. As a single entity we oversee the station installation and take full responsibility for its start up and initial operation. Once operational, CNG stations require ongoing service and troubleshooting, and as a single entity we are available to resolve problems quickly.

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